About Us

Welcome to planet of happiness.

Smiling circle is the only online stage where you can make connections with people from different cultures and professions all across the world by booking, customizing and executing your trip with our experienced trip coordinators for some beautiful awe-inspiring stories.

A travel is nothing but a vacation or an escape from the chaotic life of cities. During your travel with us you only take home is the worth remembering memories and experiences.

At smiling circle, our team of trip coordinators plans your activities and events such differently so that you can have a hassle free and excellent with a pocket friendly journey.

Why Choose Us

Spending your money on traveling will lead you with more happiness rather than spending on material objects. And smiling circle practice it devotedly by helping our fellow users plan and execute their trip across the country.

Guaranteed affordable price

You can avail the best deals any time of the month and can experience the breathtaking adventures around you.

Diverse destinations

You get the opportunity to explore various locations and experience the real joy.

No advance fees

Our beloved customers are not supposed to pay premier amount.

Assured security

Our coordinators will make sure the safety comes first during your trip with us.

New connections

Smiling circle makes a bigger approach by giving a platform where you can meet numerous people and can interact with them. We will not make you feel that you are alone in this beautiful journey.


Our restaurant offer thousands of meals. Come and enjoy it!


Standard room, twin room, etc. All is available with us.


Having an unforgettable night on the top of 5-star hotels


Keeping fit with a team of professional instructors.


Our hotel lot has parking for up to 200 cars without fee.


Our hotel has super quality Spa service without fee.

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